Drop & Shop - Luggage Storage Amsterdam

- Want to have your luggage safe while discovering Amsterdam? -
- Don’t want to drag your luggage through town while waiting to check in? -
- Shops, cafes and restaurants don’t accept you and your luggage? -

Drop your luggage at of the wall Amsterdam and we'll keep it safe for you

Store your suitcase and other luggage at Off the Wall and Shop in the Red Light District.
Explore Amsterdam without dragging your bags around. Start at our little boutique for some nice local art prints, the best city maps, gifts and street wear.


Luggage is sealed with a unique seal tag
We have cameras watching over your belongings


Small item (max. 55 x 35 x 25 cm) € 5,-
Large item (big suitcase) € 8,-
Odd sizes (ski bag, folding bike) € 10,-

Digital Concierge

Get your digital concierge service at Drop & Shop, your digital guide to all of Amsterdam's sweet spots!


Opening Hours 9.00h - 22.00h

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 80a
Red light district, near Central Station

T 0031 20 370 4159
E info@dropnshop.amsterdam
FB OffTheWallAmsterdam

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1 | Usage of the storage facility is always at risk of the user. Title 9 of “Boek 7 Burgerlijk Wetboek” concerning “custody” (bewaarneming) is not applicable for the agreement between Drop&Shop and the users of the baggage storage      2 | The prices for usage of the lugagge storage are fixed, depending on the size, at € 5,- € 8,- or € 10,- per item per 24 hours. The only items accepted are bags and suitcases. Items, including content, should not have a total value above €500,-. Drop&Shop can not be held responsible for damage or missing items with a value higher than €500,-.      3 | Drop&Shop is justified to check the content of the items to be stored. Drop&Shop can refuse items that are too valuable, too big or have possible dangerous content. User safeguards Drop&Shop against damage which is caused by (the content of) the items put in storage.      4 | Per item Drop&Shop will provide 1 (one) receipt. Return of the items will only take place after handing over the receipt to an employee of Drop&Shop. The same rules apply for temporary return of the items.      5 | In case of a lost ticket Drop&Shop will, after closing hours or at a suitable time, take action to find the item. In case of no receipt Drop&Shop can not be held responsible for the consequenses.      6 | Drop&Shop will do everything to take good care of the stored items, to guard the items and to return the items in good condition. However, Drop&Shop can not guarantee that all items can always be returned (undamaged).      7 | Drop&Shop is not responsible for damage of the user, with exception of damage caused on purpose or by serious negligence of Drop&Shop or its employees. Responsibility for consequential damage is excluded. The liability of Drop&Shop is limited to €500,- per item (including content) at any time.      8 | Luggage will be kept for a maximum of 3 months. Without an agreement or notification of the owner the luggage will be removed after this period.